Chakra Therapeutics 7 Session Workshop w/Karen Shane

Dates to include the following Saturdays at 1pm:  March 23, April 6, April 20, May 4, May 18, June 1, June 15

Charkra Therapy is about learning to recognize and work with the energy within each Chakra (energy centers along the spine that feed the mind, body, and spirit).

Exploring the tools available to keep energy vibrant and flowing, allowing us to fully embrace our true and authentic nature, sometimes we just need to uncover it and let it shine!

Early sign-up discount available until March 20.

Single Class Drop-in $35

Follow the the link below to sign up for this exciting series. Please contact YOM at 724.831.2100 with any other questions. 

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Moving Inward Meditation Basics

A four week series to teach posture and breath adding mantra for comfort to a personal meditation practice.
This series is preparation for the Year Long Meditation with the Himalayan Institute should the student be inclined (not obligated) to join our world wide community in raising the collective consciousness to shift the chaotic and negative world view to a positive and more loving energy on our planet. Our future generations will benefit from our efforts.

Full Series $60
Single Class Drop-in $18
Beginning Thursdays March 14 at 6pm

Please Note:  You do NOT have to be enrolled as a student with Cynthia's School of Dance to participate in Little Asanas Kids Yoga!!

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Cynthia's School of Dance.