Rosemary Volosin

​Rosemary has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in June of 2016. The program had an emphasis on the philosophy and meta physical aspects of yoga and the healing arts. During her training, she was introduced to Chi Gong, which shares many similarities to yoga. She recently completed her 200 hour Qi Gong/Tai Chi instructor training with Head Master Michael Leone of Zen Wellness. 

​Chi Gong movements are simple. In her class, Rosemary combines basic yoga postures with chi gong standing, siting and moving postures, allowing a connecting with the breath in order to gain and maintain strength, balance, and stability. Yoga tells us to quiet the mind. Chi Gong and Tai Chi tell us to seek tranquility. Both tell us to connect to our true nature. But we must co-exist in a sometimes less than quiet and tranquil world. By using yoga and chi gong practice as tools, we can connect to our true nature; even if just for a moment or for an hour. When we apply the principles of the practice to daily life, making the practice a habit, we can achieve better health and wellness for ourselves and others. 

​​​​​Kendell Romanelli

Kendell began her practice of yoga in 1993 during her graduate studies in Cinncinati. She found that the practice gave her peace of mind and focus during the stress of her MFA program. Kendell discovered Kundalini yoga while living in Los Angeles and fell in love with the invigorating and meditative healing aspects of the practice. In 2005 she began teaching yoga in Pittsburgh and completed her 200 hour teacher training with Joanne VandenHengel in 2008. Over the years she has practiced several different styles of yoga, but her love of combining Kundalini yoga with flowing hatha yoga is what fuels her practice and her classes. Her classes are designed to work the body by using various sun salutations and hatha yoga postures, calm the mind with breath and meditation techniques and heal the soul through positive affirmations and invigorating Kundalini exercises.

Meet our yoga instructors

Molly Kier

Asst Manager, Co-Founder of H4HH

​I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 10 years and have recently completed my 200 hour RYT certification with the Himalayan Institute. Join me for class and you can expect a beginner/level 1 Hatha class focusing on asana and pranayama, pairing posture and breath control as we move towards balance of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Mindfulness and Meditation are things that were introduced to me at a young age. It always gave me a safe place to go within myself when the outside world had become overwhelming. Little did I know then the power of this gift my mom had passed on to me. Over the years my personal practice has changed, it has grown, allowing the power of yoga and its philosophy to move inward, awakening my inner observer. I am learning how to turn within and listen to my body’s wisdom which continues to award healing and spiritual growth from past traumas to current life challenges that arise.

It is my mission to expand on the non-profit work that my mom (Maggi Aebi) has begun through Healing 4 Heroes Hearts by providing yoga and meditation classes to the Active Duty Military and Veteran communities as well as their families. Having been an Army Spouse myself, as well as a GoldStar Sister, I have an unspoken understanding of the personal affects military life and losses have on a family.

I am also trained in Kidding Around Yoga, 2017. Work background includes involvement in early childhood education, developmental disabilities, and behavior therapy. My goal is to continue working with children and developmental disabilities as we now offer a Mommy and Me, along with several children’s yoga classes at Yoga On Mars. In these classes we will work on developing and building skills through breathing techniques, mindfulness, and self-discovery while practicing a fun and active curriculum designed to lead your child to their own Secret Garden (meditation space). Classes available both on and off-site. See Schedule for details. 

​Lauren panza

​Influenced by my teachers, practice, training, and travels I aim to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my classes.  Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana my goal is to have my students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed.  I promote yoga that strong yet easeful, based in alignment, based in safety, and based in learning.  My classes are delivered in English and Sanskrit, with uplifting music, including demonstration and light hands-on assists.  For the past eight years, yoga has opened up a new path and has changed my life, for the better, and it's my greatest joy to be able to share this practice with those who are ready to partake in the journey.

Mary Malone

I began my yoga journey through a heated Vinyasa practice for years. It gave me what I was searching for at the time, but then I was introduced to a slower more mindful but also strict practice as I traveled through India studying Hatha and Ashtanga yoga at an ashram in the land where yoga was created; Rishikesh, India. I then studied Vipasana meditation and taught that when I returned to the US. While teaching mediation weekly, I completed my 200hr Teacher Certification in Vinyasa yoga through YogaWorks. In my classes I work to cultivate appreciation and love for our bodies as we link movement to breath. Yoga has given me the space to listen to my body and my heart and act through compassion. My classes are for everyone and often start with a short mediation, prep poses that lead to a flow, a peak pose, and end with a comforting cool down and a heartfelt reading.


​​​​​Jamie Reddinger 

At first, Jamie started practicing yoga, out of curiosity. Jamie soon found, however, that yoga is not a “work out,” but a “work in.” Practicing yoga allows her to continue learn to about self, to be present on and off the mat, and to live a happier, fuller life.  As a healthcare provider, she is passionate about disease prevention and feels that yoga can play an integral part in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Jamie’s classes are Vinyasa based, linking breath with movement.  Her philosophy is to “practice with the body you have right now.”  She encourages students to challenge themselves, but also recognize their limitations and keep their practice honest.

Jamie believes that yoga and meditation are beneficial complements to standard treatments for chronic illness, as well as disease prevention. She will begin training in Medical Therapeutic Yoga in March 2017.

She resides in Evans City with her husband, two children, and her labradoodle.  In addition to teaching yoga, Jamie has worked in pediatrics since 1998, is a co-owner of a handcrafted soap company, and enjoys cooking, crafting, and reading..

​​​​​Maggi Aebi, E-RYT

Owner/Founder of Yoga on Mars, Founder of Healing 4 Heroes Hearts

Practicing Yoga since 2005 and Certified to teach through The Himalayan Institute in 2007 I have taught over 3200 classes in my 10 years all over the Western Pa, Ohio and West Virginia tri state area. I was educated in Physical Therapy and Licensed as an Assistant in 1994. After leaving the clinical setting I opened a Wellness Center in Allison Park, Pa. for Massage and Alternative Therapies. I opened and operated an office for massage, as well, at Carnegie Mellon University through their Student Health Services from 2002 to 2011. The Sage Center for Living Well, L.L.C. was in operation from

I am certified to teach through the Kripalu Institute’s Yoga for Trauma Program as well as being trained and Certified through Warriors At Ease, Inc., a program specifically designed for military community yoga. 

I am currently a teacher in training with the Integrated Restoration Institute for Meditation. I have completed Level I training and I am presently studying Level II. 

It is my personal mission to make Yoga and iRest Meditation skills that will change the Veteran suicide daily count to “0”. 

I am also committed to bringing yoga and meditation to a general population seeking basic skills for better mind body health as well as connection to the spiritual and philosophical studies of the yogic path.

KAren shane

I stepped into my first yoga class in September of 2007 looking for stress relief and flexibility. What I found was a whole new perspective and way of living.   Yoga taught me to be more responsive and not so reactive in situations.  Yoga also gave me insights and tools to relieve my anxiety and stress along with increasing my strength and flexibility.  My teachers encouraged me and I finally enrolled in the Manasaa Yoga Center, in Chicora, PA. for teacher training in June of 2012. There I studied the Science of Kriya Yoga, which focused on the eight limbs of yoga, anatomy, the asanas (poses), pranayama, meditation and the chakras. I received my certification May 2013.

 I am looking forward to sharing my love of yoga as I continue on my journey of exploring and learning  more about yoga. My focus is on alignment, realizing every body is different, and allowing students to be comfortable within their poses. I take the focus inward listening to the body,  respecting and accepting what it reveals. There is no competition or pain in yoga! That's what I love about work within a pose where you are don't have to be flexible, that just happens with practice.  


Marlene has embraced motion through many phases in her life. From teaching preschool movement and music, dancing, choreographer & instructor of sacred dance at East Liberty Presbyterian Church to Irish Ceili dancing as well as ballroom dancing, swing & Latin As the sun set on sacred dance Marlene’s desire to continue in the mind body spirit connection she embraced the invitation to receive her RYT 200 hour
yoga teacher certification the the Kripalu style of yoga through Serenity Yoga in Pittsburgh.

She teaches yoga, pilates and meditation, specializing in yoga nidra meditation with intention inspired by and trained in the Amrit Method. Marlene furthered her study with renowned yogi, Amrit Desai. She also received her certification in Children’s Yoga through Yogaverse.

Her passion for wellness compels her to expand her training in other holistic practices. She teaches group and private sessions. Marlene has found her niche teaching private sessions combining practices to meet the needs of her clients in the comfort of their own home. This approach is Marlene’s solution to offer a practice to those who desire the health benefits of these practices but are unable to participate in group classes. Yoga is for every BODY.