Level I 
A class that includes a wide range of basic postures, standing and seated. Sun Salutations and flowing postures are designed to increase balance and flexibility and strength. This is an excellent class for a strong beginner. 

Gentle Yoga 
A great class for students in recovery from an illness or injury, a gentle yoga class can also introduce the beginner to the basics of yoga and breathwork through a slow and mindful practice. 

All Levels 
An all Levels class will reach beginners as well as intermediate students providing modifications to postures. Learn ways to listen to the body and accept challenge as well as respect limits. This is a fun class to help take your practice to whatever might be the next step for you. 

Level I/II 
A Level I/II class asks the student to have an experienced knowledge of asana. Each posture asks something of the practitioner and also reveals something. Learn to know your physical and emotional limits as well as accepting the challenges that come with a strong practice. 

Hatha 2 (Level II) 
This class will take the student to the deeper and stronger postures like shoulderstand, headstand, backbend and arm balance as a part of the class. Each posture is the result of progressive conditioning. When the student is ready the posture will appear! 

Veterans Yoga and Meditation 

Currently offered off-site at the Butler VA, this class (along with all others offered by YOM) is available FREE to military veterans on Mondays from 1:00 - 2:30pm. Yoga and Meditation are offered at a beginner level to assist in relief of symptoms associated with combat injury, PTSD, and/or TBI.  

Mat Pilates

We now offer Mat Pilates! If you are looking to work on strengthening muscles with a focus on the core, this new class is for you! Pilates will be available every other Wednesday @7pm and on Fridays @11am. Please check our schedule for details on class times as the Wednesday evening class alternates with a Restorative Yoga class on the Pilates off-weeks. 

Little Asanas Kid's Yoga (ages 1-4)

Bring your little one(s) along with you to explore new ways to connect on both a physical and emotional level. This younger version of Little Asanas Kid's Yoga provides an opportunity for new moms/guardians to meet other new moms/guardians in the community as well as bridging that desire to get "back in shape" and up and moving. These classes are a fun, interactive way to introduce your little one to the world of Yoga and mindfulness. The benefits of this experience are truly endless for both adult and child. Please note, this class is not limited to only moms. Dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, and close friends are all welcome to accompany your young child (infant to preschool age) and share in this magical experience. 

Little Asanas Kids Yoga

Come on an imaginative journey with Miss Molly. Kid's yoga is active and fun while introducing children to the principals and benefits that yoga has to offer. Help your child experience mindfulness, develop confidence, build self-esteem, establish self-regulation skills, learn about the connection between mind and body, and share kindness. Classes available on and off-site. Little Asanas Kid's Yoga is also available for booking a Private Event or Yoga Birthday Party.

In Chinese philosophy the Yin/Yang symbolize the duality and inter-dependency of the natural world. Things that are Yang are moving, changing and vigorous. Yin are static, still and calm. Western (American) Yoga practice tends to be very Yang-stretching muscle-muscles are Yang, Connective tissue is Yin. This practice primarily addresses the less flexible joints of the pelvis, hips and lower back for better health and comfort. 

Yin practice is a great way to learn patience and stillness in a primarily pleasure seeking Yang world. 

Poses are held 3-5 minutes to stretch the connective tissues around each joint bringing the practitioner to a state of calmness with gravity helping to intensify the stretch. 

In contrast to a contemporary yoga class that takes you from pose to pose actively building strength and heat in equal measures Restorative is something completely different. It's about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. During a supported posture using props and long holds your muscles will learn to deeply relax. This is a mellow class and an excellent antidote to stress! 

iRest Meditation 
This is a deep form of relaxation and inquiry through guided meditation, inviting a connection to our True Nature. 

iRest effectively reduces Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, anxiety, depression and insomnia as well as a host of other issues. At the same time this practice will increase health and well-being and become an aid to resilience. 

iRest is a support skill for military whether active duty or Veteran.


We also offer massage that can be scheduled by appointment only. Please contact Sophia for details. 412.206.6223